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  • CED/DAA Knee Pads

    The 2018 CED/DAA knee pads are contoured into a streamline design featuring EVA and shock absorption materials.  Constructed of 1680D polyester fabric on the front panel of the knee pad, with a flexible yet rugged PVC (faux leather) cover pad for additional protection from sharp stones and brass. Quick release and fully adjustable elastic straps […]

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  • DAA Elbow Pads

    Sizing note: choose median for M-L if you normally wear a Medium or Large top or choose  large for XL-XXL if your shirt size is XL/XXL or larger The DAA Elbow pads are specifically designed to meet the needs of IPSC/IDPA shooters on the range. What is needed is a lightweight yet durable pad which […]

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  • Promoção!

    Máscaras de Proteção Certificadas Pelo CITEVE

    Máscaras de Proteção certificadas pelo CITEVE nível 3 uso social, agora com 15 lavagens, produzidas pela Sweet Print para a IPSC MARKET Certificado 13535/2020 Protective masks certified by CITEVE level 3 for social use, for 5 washes, produced by Sweet Print for an IPSC market  

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