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  • Archoil AR 4400 100 ml

    Ar4400 LP Firearms Oil Nanoscience Technology Reduces Friction and Heat Prevents Deposit Buildup Faster Action Increases Velocity Superior Corrosion Protection

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    The pusher clamps onto the slide, eliminating the need for a hammer and vise when adjusting your fixed rear sight. Clamp the slide in with the wing nut, and use the supplied hex key to push the sight left or right with brass-tip set screws.

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  • Arredondo Magazine Brush

    The only brush designed with your magazine in mind. Once you own one of these brushes, you will never clean you magazines any other way. One tool to dismantle most magazines and clean them. Making the cleaning easier – which means you will do so more often. And that means you will suffer less malfunctions. […]

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    Slide-Glide is specially formulated using the highest-grade extreme pressure compound available. It is engineered to have a stringy characteristic that prevents “tracking” or shearing on sliding metal surfaces. It “stays put” by dragging itself back into the friction areas of the cycling slide and barrel. This ability to stay put is far superior to conventional […]

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  • CED Multi Torx / Hex Key

    The CED Multi Torx / Hex Key tool is a must-have item in every range bag! This tool set is specifically custom-configured to be the perfect aid to every Double-Alpha shooter. The 8 tools in the set are precisely all those keys used for the various screws in the DAA holsters and pouches. Be it […]

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  • CED Solid Brass Squib Rod

    The CED custom-designed Squib Rod is the ideal solution for those unexpected emergencies on the range that would otherwise ruin a perfect practice or match day! Remove that bullet stuck in the barrel smoothly and easily. Weighing in at 5.6oz, the CED Solid Brass Squib Rod is one piece of brass designed with a concave […]

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  • CED/DAA Double-Head Cleaning Tool

    Made of quality stainless steel, this strong double-head cleaning tool is ideal for those hard to reach areas and for removing stubborn grit, dirt, and lead.

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    Ceraflon Duratorque 30 ml

    Lubrificante resultado da colaboração técnica entre a TCP e diversos fabricantes de armas.   Nesta nova formulação, o Ceraflon Duratorque foi capaz de atingir níveis surpreendentes de resistência:   – Altas temperaturas de trabalho   – Pressões de operação presentes na área do cano>slide-locking-system, nas guias do ferrolho e no sistema de gás dos rifles […]

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    Smart TORQ The most precise and technically advanced torque driver for guns. Specifically developed for optics mounting and gun builds. Discrete inch-pound increment settings provide spot-on torque adjustments. Comfortable ergonomic grip with Force Assist makes tool manipulation a breeze. Functionally intuitive torque setting with visual, tactile and audible feedback provides confident assurance. To get you […]

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    Double End Gun Cleaning Brush Set with different sizes. Superb for cleaning those large and small, hard-to-reach areas. Perfect for handguns, rifles, & shotgun cleaning use. Comes 3 in 1. Brushes: • Bronze • Steel • Nylon

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    CPL CeraFlon cleans, protects and lubricates rapidly and simultaneously, for firearms being used under any weather conditions and practical use.

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  • DAA 3-pcs Utility Brush Set

    The DAA 3-piece Utility Brush Set includes three double-ended brushes including one Steel Brush, one Copper brush and one Nylon brush. Each brush’s handle is made of sturdy, strong, yet flexible plastic material, and measures approx. 18cm long. The larger end , has a brush measuring approx. 10mm wide by 35mm long, and the smaller […]

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