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  • DAA Click-Adjustable Powder knob V2

    The DAA Click-Adjustable Powder Knob V2, is the 2nd generation offering from DAA. Building on the experience and feedback of the first model, this one is, simply put, better! The two piece aluminum structure eliminates the need to tie the base piece to the powder dropper, and the assembled spring-loaded steel balls (2 of them, for […]

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  • Dillon Case Lube – 8 oz.Dillon Case Lube – 8 oz.

    Rapid Lube 5000, Dillon’s aerosol cartridge case lubricant, has been replaced by an “environmentally correct,” non-aerosol case lube. It works the same: Simply lay your cases out, spray lightly with one or two passes and you’ve done it. No mess, no guesswork. Within minutes the lubricant distributes itself around the cartridge cases and you’re ready […]

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  • Dillon Primer System Early Warning

    Dillon Primer System Early Warning Kit 

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  • ET Shotgun Extension Tube Spring for 12ga

    Shotgun Extension Tube Spring by Eemann Tech for 12 gauge – replacement spring for magazine extensions. Made of steel with thermic treatment for the best performance and quality. Ships coiled in package. Length of Spring: 115cm (45″) Outer Diameter: 19mm

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  • Polo Seleção Nacional de IPSC 2022

    O polo da seleção nacional de IPSC personalizado com o seu nome, (deixe o nome a escrever nas observações), o custo total com os portes, inclui os portes com correio verde.   5 euros por cada polo irá reverter para os atletas da seleção.   O preço com portes a saída inclui os portes por […]

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