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  • 12ga Safety Flag

    Red 12ga Safety Flag

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    1911 UNIVERSAL BUSHINGS Material: Steel – Black  

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  • 1911-2011 Extended Firing pin

    1911-2011 Extended Firing Pin for 1911/2011 tipe gun. Color: Silver

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  • 1911-2011 Slide stop Extended

    1911-2011 SLIDE STOP EXTENDED BLACK Material: Steel –  Color Black

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  • 2011 Fiber Optic Front Sight – 2011

    SIGHT for 2011 Brand STI/ cloni 2011 Setting “I”: 7,62×60°mm (.300×60°inch) Diameter: 1mm Colours: Red Code: MC1R

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    2011 Magazine release, black

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  • 22UpLULA™ – .22LR Double-Stack Mag Loader

    The 22UpLULA™ loader & unloader is made for loading .22LR wide body mags. 1/2″, like .22LR 1911 mags and other .22LR converted mags. It has the body width of our UpLULA™and has a narrower metal beak designed for .22LR rounds. (It will not load .380 to .45 cal. mags. !) The 22UpLULA™ loader loads the following mags: […]

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  • 3M Ear Protector – Classicsoft

    Soft exclusive polymeric foam, absorption of energy The solid material, slow re-expansion, promotes good seal The special cylindrical shape fits to most ear canals and ensures a secure seal The low equilibrium pressure reduces the pressure in the ear canal and optimizes comfort and fit The structure of the outer cell surface resists the movements […]

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    The box has a clip, allowing it to be attached to a belt. Product details: • Attenuation : 32dB • Protection type : 94-105dB(A) • Earplugs Roll Down • 200 pair per box Work envirement: • High temperature places • All industries • Exposition to continuous noises

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  • Promoção!

    3M™ Maxim™ Ballistic Safety Spectacles, Clear

    The 3M™ Maxim™ Ballistic Safety Spectacles are designed specifically to wear in combination with a helmet and or ear muffs. These glasses exceeds Military VO test regimen for high velocity impact (standard MIL-STD 662 – impact at 98m/s). Details: • Safety spectacles that exceed the Military VO test regimen for high velocity impact • DX coating provides enhanced anti-scratch and […]

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    The 3M™ PELTOR™ Bull’s Eye™ I Ear Muffs has been designed in co-operation with world class sportspeople in order to develop a hearing protector that works for marksmen. As an example, the lower part of each cup is bevelled to avoid interference between the hearing protector and the rifle butt. The attenuation of the hearing protector […]

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  • Alpha X Pouch inlays

    This is a complete set of Alpha-X Pouch Inlays in the color of your choice.

    Includes left, right and side inlays. Depending on where you mount the ball joint attachment, one inlay part will not be used.

    Please note that these inlays have a protective transparent film on their front and 3m adhesive tape cover on their back. both should be peeled off before installation..

    In order to install the inlays do the following:

    1. Carefully break the pieces out of their frame. There are several small bridges holding them in place which can be broken by hand.
    2. If you wish, you can use a knife to clean off the tails left by the bridges, but this should not be strictly necessary.
    3. Peel off the transparent film from the front, as well as the 3M adhesive cover from the back.
    4. Position the inlays over their correct pockets in the pouch body and fit them in place.

    Should you wish you remove the inlays after installation, you can do so thanks to the small holes drilled through the pouch body. In order to access these holes, you will need to remove all plastic spacers first. Then, using a sharp tool (like a small hex key) you can push on the inside of the inlay until it comes loose in the corner. Then, gently work it out of its pocket. Note that the inlay may break when removed.

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