Racer-X Holster RH (Mão Direita) CZ SHADOW 2

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Racer-X Holster RH (Mão Direita) CZ SHADOW 2
Racer-X Holster RH (Mão Direita) CZ SHADOW 2
Racer-X Holster Plate RH
DescriptionRacer-X Holster Plate RH
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Introducing the Racer-X holster, which brings the improved performance of the Alpha-X hanger assembly to the Racer holster, while maintaining its attractive, affordable price point.

The all-new Racer-X hanger utilizes the same type of ball joint and rail system from the Alpha-X, attaching directly to the side of the holster body, eliminating the long vertical rod and the use of grub-screws to lock the ball joint. This improves the holster’s stability, rigidity and ability to make minute adjustments. The lower part of the belt hanger is so similar in design to the Alpha-X, that the optional thigh pad from the Alpha-X can be used on the Racer-X as well.

The Racer-X Holster uses the same patented quick release and secure retention system that the Race Marter and Alpha-X lines utilize, but without the aluminum body and interchangeable blocks. In the Racer-X Holster, the insert block itself is the body. This saves dramatically on production costs while not compromising on performance. You do, however, lose the ability to swap out insert blocks for various gun types.

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