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    3M™ Maxim™ Ballistic Safety Spectacles, Clear

    The 3M™ Maxim™ Ballistic Safety Spectacles are designed specifically to wear in combination with a helmet and or ear muffs. These glasses exceeds Military VO test regimen for high velocity impact (standard MIL-STD 662 – impact at 98m/s). Details: • Safety spectacles that exceed the Military VO test regimen for high velocity impact • DX coating provides enhanced anti-scratch and […]

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    The 3M™ PELTOR™ Bull’s Eye™ I Ear Muffs has been designed in co-operation with world class sportspeople in order to develop a hearing protector that works for marksmen. As an example, the lower part of each cup is bevelled to avoid interference between the hearing protector and the rifle butt. The attenuation of the hearing protector […]

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  • BELT clip for Special RC Tech shot timer

    BELT clip for Special RC Tech shot timer

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  • CED Power Bank, 2xCED7000 battery

    This is a basic power-bank which includes inside 2xCED7000 replacement batteries. Many transporters now refuse to take lithium batteries if they are not incased in a functional product. They will not transport loose batteries anymore. So, to resolve this issue, DAA have custom made this functional power bank which holds the batteries inside. Pop it open […]

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  • CED/DAA Waterproof Target Pasters

    The CED/DAA Waterproof Target Pasters are designed for ALL-WEATHER conditions.  Perfect for competition match use or individual practice days at the range.  Whether raining, humid, or sunny and dry, these custom designed special adhesive patches will not let you down!  Ideal for USPSA, IPSC, and IDPA match use. Material – Coated label paper with permanent […]

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  • Ced7000 Replacement Battery

    Ced7000 Replacement Battery

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  • CED7000 Shot Timer

    Looking for an IPSC Shot Timer? A Shot Timer that is easy to use, reliable and proven to be one of the best sellers for over a decade? Look no further! The CED 7000 Shot Timer has set the benchmark and is the #1 choice for both Range Officers and USPSA / IPSC shooters worldwide. The CED7000 […]

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  • CED7000 USB Charge Cable

    A new and practical option for charging your CED7000 shot timer. This custom made USB charge cable enables you to charge your CED7000 from any USB power outlet, from you computer, in your car, or any compatible USB mains power adaptor. Note: Pictures shows CED7000 timer, which is NOT included with the charge cable.

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  • Competition Electronics – ProChrono DLX

    Introducing the ProChrono DLX ballistic chronograph with improved accuracy specs and built-in Bluetooth. The next generation of our ProChrono model based on a time proven design that has been measuring “almost anything that shoots” since 1985! Great for firearms, shotguns, archery, airguns, and paintball. Everything is included for outdoor use. For indoor use, we recommend […]

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  • Competition Electronics Indoor Lighting for Chronograph

    The Indoor Lighting System from Competition Electronics is easy to install. Just attach the light bars to the chronograph guide wires, connect power and you are ready to shoot. Patented infra-red LED design eliminates light bulbs Red LED “ON” indicator lights Works with all Prochrono models Dual voltage 100-240voltsAC,50-60Hz adapter included Will also operate on […]

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  • DAA Electronic Hearing Protection EHP27

    The DAA Electronic Hearing Protection EHP27 offer outstanding value and top-tier performance at an affordable price. These noise cancelling electronic hearing protection offer certified SNR 27 dB sound protection in a truly compact and lightweight package. The Double Alpha Earmuffs include, as standard, custom Gel ear pads which improve sound protection (especially when used with […]

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  • DAA IPSC Scoring Overlay Gauge

    Made of sturdy 0.75mm thick hard transparent plastic, these overlay gauges are a “must have item” in every range bag! They are the size of standard credit cards and so fit easily into any wallet or pocket. Include precisely drawn caliber circles and a handy 50mm side ruler for measuring gear’s distance from the body.

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