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  • 3M Ear Protector – Classicsoft

    Soft exclusive polymeric foam, absorption of energy The solid material, slow re-expansion, promotes good seal The special cylindrical shape fits to most ear canals and ensures a secure seal The low equilibrium pressure reduces the pressure in the ear canal and optimizes comfort and fit The structure of the outer cell surface resists the movements […]

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    The 3M™ PELTOR™ Bull’s Eye™ I Ear Muffs has been designed in co-operation with world class sportspeople in order to develop a hearing protector that works for marksmen. As an example, the lower part of each cup is bevelled to avoid interference between the hearing protector and the rifle butt. The attenuation of the hearing protector […]

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    Clip for the belt, that can hold tape our a ear protector.     Clip para cinto de IPSC que serve para guardar um rolo de fita para os atiradores que preferem utilizar fita de papel e vez de pastilhas ou mesmo para os protetores auditivos.

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  • Belt Clip for Ear Defenders

    The simplest and most practical way to carry your ear defenders when they are not on your ears! Our new ear defender belt clips are constructed of fiber reinforced polymer and are strong and durable. You would have to apply considerable force to break one!. The belt loop is wide enough to accommodate any width […]

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  • BOX FOR RC Tech Active Ear Protection

    BOX FOR RC Tech Active Ear Protection

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  • DAA Electronic Hearing Protection EHP27

    The DAA Electronic Hearing Protection EHP27 offer outstanding value and top-tier performance at an affordable price. These noise cancelling electronic hearing protection offer certified SNR 27 dB sound protection in a truly compact and lightweight package. The Double Alpha Earmuffs include, as standard, custom Gel ear pads which improve sound protection (especially when used with […]

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  • Foam Ear Plugs

    Excellent Foam Ear plugs offer great sound protection and comfort for extended use. Each pack includes 8 plugs (4 pairs) which are washable and reusable. Tapered shape offers best fit for ear canal. Light, comfortable foam seals without pressure. Smooth surface repels dirt. Hypo-allergenic material. Can be combined with ear muffs or other personal protection […]

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  • Magnetic Ear Muff Belt Clip by Double Alpha

    The DAA Magnetic Belt Clip for Ear Defenders is the coolest, most practical and user-friendly solution for clipping your ear defenders to your belt. Fast on, fast off, and while attached – your ear muffs lay securely flat against your thigh without excessive rocking or swinging. Made of glass-fiber reinforced nylon for increased durability and […]

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  • Promoção!

    Máscaras de Proteção Certificadas Pelo CITEVE

    Máscaras de Proteção certificadas pelo CITEVE nível 3 uso social, agora com 15 lavagens, produzidas pela Sweet Print para a IPSC MARKET Certificado 13535/2020 Protective masks certified by CITEVE level 3 for social use, for 5 washes, produced by Sweet Print for an IPSC market  

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  • PELTOR ProTac III Slim Headset

    The 3M PELTOR ProTac III hearing protector helps protect against harmful noise, whilst allowing ambient sounds to be heard at a level below 82dB. It increases your ability to communicate with nearby colleagues, as well as hearing warning signals, approaching vehicles, or sounds in machines and processes. Built-in level-dependent function allows the wearer to hear […]

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  • RC Tech RC026 Active Ear Protection

      RC tech RC026 Electronic Shooting Earmuffs amplifie surrounding low level sounds such as footsteps, voices, warning signals to 82dB yet they provides good hearing protection from high level sounds from shooting. Noise Reduction: The RC tech circuit helps protect hearing from harmful loud sounds which reach over 82dB, by reducing the amplification of those sounds […]

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  • RC Tech Silicon Gel for Ear Protection – PELTOR

    RC Tech Silicone Headphone Gel is an upgrade for PELTOR headphones. The result of the gel filler is greater wearing comfort, better sound attenuation and greater durability. After use, simply clean them with a damp cloth.

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