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  • BELT clip for Special RC Tech shot timer

    BELT clip for Special RC Tech shot timer

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  • CED Power Bank, 2xCED7000 battery

    This is a basic power-bank which includes inside 2xCED7000 replacement batteries. Many transporters now refuse to take lithium batteries if they are not incased in a functional product. They will not transport loose batteries anymore. So, to resolve this issue, DAA have custom made this functional power bank which holds the batteries inside. Pop it open […]

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  • Ced7000 Replacement Battery

    Ced7000 Replacement Battery

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  • CED7000 Rotating Belt Clip

    The custom belt clip incorporates a hinge system that allows the CED 7000 timer to be rotated upwards for comfortable viewing of the LCD display, and to be laid flat against the body when shooting or timing other shooters. The belt clip is designed to be used with broad competition style belts

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  • CED7000 Screen Protectors

    Protect your valuable CED7000 Timer display with a Premium-quality UV resistant, anti-reflective, anti-dirt and 99% transparent film. Protection for a lifetime from scratches, sun damage, dirt, fingerprints, and the daily wear and tear of usage. A super-thin film, made in Japan, and used for many expensive touch-screen devices, the CED7000 Screen Protector is the answer […]

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  • CED7000 Shot Timer

    Looking for an IPSC Shot Timer? A Shot Timer that is easy to use, reliable and proven to be one of the best sellers for over a decade? Look no further! The CED 7000 Shot Timer has set the benchmark and is the #1 choice for both Range Officers and USPSA / IPSC shooters worldwide. The CED7000 […]

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  • CED7000 Silicone Skins

    Protect and personalize your CED7000 Shot Timer with custom made Silicone skins in a wide array of bright colors, that give your timer a rubbery finish.    This makes it more comfortable to grip and protects the timer from scratches and damage in case of falls.    Available in blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and […]

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  • CED7000 USB Charge Cable

    A new and practical option for charging your CED7000 shot timer. This custom made USB charge cable enables you to charge your CED7000 from any USB power outlet, from you computer, in your car, or any compatible USB mains power adaptor. Note: Pictures shows CED7000 timer, which is NOT included with the charge cable.

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  • SHOTMAXX 2 Case

    Keep your SHOTMAXX 2 safe and well protected in this handy custom made carry case. The case is designed to offer a compact practical carrying solution for your SHOTMAXX 2 without adding extra bulk or taking up more space in your range bag. The “soft vault” style case has a handy D-ring clip allowing you […]

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  • SHOTMAXX-2 Watch Timer

    *** Effective immediately, all Shotmaxx-2 timers include a “no questions asked” 3-year UNLIMITED warranty. Whatever the issue you may experience – if you bought it within the last three years (proof of purchase required) you can send it back for an immediate replacement. *** The Shotmaxx-2 is a exceptional shot timer offering unique capabilities – and now backed […]

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  • SHOTMAXX2 Nano-Polymer Screen Protector

    The Shotmaxx2 Nano-Polymer Screen protector is a must-have addition to your Shotmaxx2 timer! its incredible durability and scratch resistance properties make it perfect to protect your watch display. The Nano film is made of multiple layers, which make it extremely durable and yet completely flexible, allowing it to adhere reliability to the curved watch face […]

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  • Special RC Tech shot timer Bluetooth

    3 in 1 Shot Timer: 3 Modes for firearms, airsoft and stop watch; 4 functions like instant, random, fixed and customized. Integrated PAR timer for dry fire practice in the comfort of your own home or outdoor. You can review 20 strings of 99 shots which are stored in the device’s memory. Par mode, you […]

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