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  • 1911 UpLULA Aligning Insert

    An aligning insert add-on for the UpLULA™ and 22UpLULA™ loaders. It assist loading single-stack magazines by eliminating wiggling of the mag inside the loader. It’s an insert to your existing loader, not a new loader. If you are using single-stack magazine whether .45 cal. 1911, 9mm single-stack, or .22LR cal. converted 1911, as examples, we […]

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  • 22UpLULA™ – .22LR Double-Stack Mag Loader

    The 22UpLULA™ loader & unloader is made for loading .22LR wide body mags. 1/2″, like .22LR 1911 mags and other .22LR converted mags. It has the body width of our UpLULA™and has a narrower metal beak designed for .22LR rounds. (It will not load .380 to .45 cal. mags. !) The 22UpLULA™ loader loads the following mags: […]

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  • Belt Clip for Ear Defenders

    The simplest and most practical way to carry your ear defenders when they are not on your ears! Our new ear defender belt clips are constructed of fiber reinforced polymer and are strong and durable. You would have to apply considerable force to break one!. The belt loop is wide enough to accommodate any width […]

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  • CED/DAA RangeCart Pro

    Rangecart Pro – the ultimate IPSC range cart. If you have ever attended a match on a really large, spread-out range, you will appreciate how handy and helpful a cart can be. We shooters do tend to lug around a lot of gear and ammo to a big match. Our new RangeCart Pro is designed […]

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  • DAA All-Terrain Range Cart

    The DAA All-Terrain Range Cart is your perfect companion for a long day out on a big range. This sturdy, well-constructed 4-wheel cart will carry as much gear as you will ever need on the range – and do it with ease, offering you the best all-terrain performance you can find. The wide PU wheels […]

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  • DAA Dry-Fire SWINGER Target Kit

    You can order now… The DAA Dry-Fire Swinger Target allows you to enrich you dry-fire experience adding a swinger – one of the least practiced targets, and one which many find challenging. The target set is laser-cut from thin wood board, and includes everything you need to set it up and use it out of […]

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  • DAA Dry-Fire Target Set (Classic-IPSC)

    Dry-firing is one of the most effective methods to improve you shooting skills. It is cheap – no ammo is required. It is convenient – you can do it in the comfort of your home (don’t let the neighbors see you…). And it is an excellent way to build subconscious skills without the distractions creates […]

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  • DAA Golden Multi Gauge

    Never be without the right test gauge again! This compact 4 pocket gauge offers you all 4 popular calibers in one piece – 9mm, .38Super, .40SW and .45ACP. The gauge is machined from top quality aluminium and anodized in gold color. The gauge pockets are finished using Clymer chamber finishing reamers, to ensure absolute correct […]

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    As most serious IPSC and USPSA pistol shooters know, preventing slip in your grip is of utmost important for high-speed accurate shooting. A grip-enhancement lotion is one of the best ways to achieve that anti-slip, without the need to apply excessive force to the grip. Especially in wet conditions or in extreme heat, sweating palms […]

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  • DAA Magnetic Grip-Enhancer Holder

    A cool, new, practical way to carry your Grip-Enhancer into action! Many shooters like to carry their Grip Enhancer of choice on their belts, so they can apply it just before the “Load and make ready” command. And what is needed is a quick and secure carrying solution, which allows you fast access to the […]

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  • EEMANN TECH Fiber Optic Rod – 1,0 mm

    Fiber Optic Rod by ET. Available in three colors: Red, Green, Yellow. Diameter: 1,0 mm 2 Fiber Optic for box (price for 2)

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  • EEMANN TECH Fiber Optic Rod – 1,5 mm

    Fiber Optic Rod by ET. Available in three colors: Red, Green, Yellow. Diameter: 1,5 mm 2 Fiber Optic for box (price for 2)

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