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    The pusher clamps onto the slide, eliminating the need for a hammer and vise when adjusting your fixed rear sight. Clamp the slide in with the wing nut, and use the supplied hex key to push the sight left or right with brass-tip set screws.

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  • C.A.M. Gen2 Handloader for all pistol mags 9/40

    GEN II LOADER FEATURES: Self centering of the feed lips for both single and double stacked mags. Easier mag insertion Compatible with more mags LOADER FEATURES: Fastest Loader Ever – Load your 9mm and .40 caliber mags in under 10 seconds! Universal loader works with virtually all brands of pistol magazines, double or single stack. […]

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  • GripmasterPro – Black (heavy 9lbs)

    The Gripmaster Heavy is perfect for training the hand and fingers. Train with the grip master to make your fingers, hands, wrist and forearm more flexible and powerful. The Prohands gripmaster is an ideal grip trainer, hand trainer and finger trainer for therapy and injuries. The Gripmaster can be purchased in four consecutive resistances so […]

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